quinta-feira, junho 06, 2013

Just say NO! Just say no to negative behaviour. Be it in any form, colour or shape. Just say no to unhealthy habits, external or internal, they always leave a mark and they are never worth it. Just say no to being late, lazy or slacking off. It hurts in the long run, even if it does not seem like it in the present. Just say no to bullies. They are there for a reason, for you to grow and stand up for yourself, say no to them, they might be stronger, they might be bigger, but they will never win if you don’t let them. Just say no to Just say no to unhealthy situations, unhappy people and bad personalities. I can only change myself not others. If they are not willing to change, Just say no to Just say no to ignorance, prejudice and being slow of mind. Ignorance benefits only the oppressors, never the free man. Just say no to living some else life, you are here for a reason, find it out! Just say no to oppressive regimes, unfit rulers and unwanted powers, they are there because you let them exist, Just say no! Just say no to wasting time, life is made of it. Do not waste your precious time, every day counts. Just say no to hatred, anger and fear, you can use all that energy to lead, cause change and create riches Just say no to being anything less than you can be, don’t try to please others. You can only live life in your manner not theirs. Just say no to bad advice. Just say no to yourself, when you screw up and make up your mistakes in the most timely manner. Just say no to not living your life. You are only here once, and losing it in worthless things, people or emotions won’t lead you anywhere. Just say no to not taking risk, being a coward or being to afraid to change. Life is an adventure for you to live, not to watch it pass by. Just say no to not using your skills to the highest level, in every form possible every time. Just say no to not saying yes when the time is right by Ricardo Pascual